Primary Care / In-Office Services

  • CLIA waived in-house laboratory certified through the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. We draw your blood here in the office to be sent out to Quest Diagnostics laboratories or for in-house testing which include blood tests for cholesterol and diabetes management. These tests, along with throat cultures and urinalysis, can be performed while you wait, with answers before you leave.
  • EKGs
  • Spirometry
  • Vascular Screenings- if you smoke or have diabetes, you are at risk for peripheral vascular disease. Often leg pain or cramping may be an indicator that there is disease present. Our technicians will meet you in our offices to perform a non-invasive 30 minute test that will evaluate you for this disease. Most insurances cover this test if symptoms and diagnoses are present.
  • Memory Disorder Testing- With Mindstreams Cognitive testing, we are able to determine if you or a loved one is suffering from memory loss associated with dementia, depression, anxiety or hearing loss. We are able to determine what functions in the brain are affected. It is a simple “game playing” computer program which is easily learned by the patient. It takes approximately 30 minutes and is scheduled in office and performed by a trained technician.

Nursing Home Practice

    Our team of Doctors, Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants take care of our Nursing Home patients. They visit each patient several times a month and are available to discuss care with staff and families. Our Medical Director, Melvin J. Schwartz, M.D. supervises all mid-level practitioners and shares the philosophy that one must listen to the families and nursing staff to determine the best plan of care for each patient. A conservative approach to medicine and treatment has earned the respect of many nursing homes and family members.

    Dr. Schwartz brings his Early Diagnosis and Treatment Program to each nursing home where his technicians are able to perform bedside EKG, spirometry, ultrasounds and PVD screenings,if need be. This eliminates the burden of family and nursing home staff of transporting, and escorting patients who are often afraid of ambulance rides to unfamiliar facilitis. These trips often take many hours as opposed to this program where the test is performed by the bedside, surrounded by familiar people, in a matter of minutes. Schwartz Medical Group covers nursing homes all over Massachusetts. Please call 781-551-8002 if you are interested in becoming a part of our program.

Additional Services

Healthy at Home - ”Good old fashioned care delivered to your door.”

    This program was launched in November of 2011 and has been warmly received by the community and assisted living facilities. It serves patients with mobility issues who need to receive healthcare but are unable to get to their doctors due to physical or mental impairments. A team of Nurse Practitioners, all highly skilled who work under the supervision of our Medical Directors assess the patient in their home environment. They have the ability to bring services in to the home, such as visiting nurses, ekg, spirometry, ultrasounds, xray and phlebotomy. This program eases the burdens of families who struggle to get their loved ones to medical providers and services. There is an annual enrollment fee associated with this program as it operates on medicare fees. For more information, click the Healthy at Home logo.

    Nurse Practitioner On Call is a service that provides telephonic medical triage for the medical community. Presently, clients include doctors offices, hospital call groups and college health centers. Highly skilled and trained Nurse Practitioners answer your calls when you cant and expertly triages them with prescription or referral. For more on this service, click the logo above to go to the Nurse Practitioner OnCall website.

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