Schwartz Medical Group is proud to announce our new community health division entitled Healthy at Home. The goal of our program is to provide comprehensive medical care within the home to those individuals who are homebound for various medical reasons.

Complete Medical Care in the Comfort of Your Home.

As a practice, we understand how difficult it is for individuals to transport themselves to the doctor’s office when they are afflicted with certain medical conditions, so we feel that it is time to bring the doctor’s office to the patient, in the comfort of their own home. Our practice provides the same comprehensive medical care that one would find in any traditional medical office. We have the capability to provide EKGs, spirometry, ultrasound, phlebotomy, vascular testing, neurological testing, x-ray services, and holter monitoring, all within the home.

  • When we receive a consult, a Nurse Practitioner will evaluate the patient at home and conduct a thorough physical exam as well as a home safety evaluation. At that time, it will be determined what medical tests or therapeutic regimen is required for that patient.

  • Once the initial evaluation is conducted, all cases are discussed our medical directors to provide a comprehensive and collaborative care plan for the patient. The Nurse Practitioner may also order home care services, physical therapy, occupational therapy, or any other service that may be required for a patient.

  • If the patient requires assistance after hours or on the weekends, they may call our office number and a Nurse Practitioner from our other division, Nurse Practitioner OnCall, will promptly call back and answer the patient’s call.

To qualify for visits from a Nurse Practitioner in your home you must have one of the following pay sources:

  • Medicare
  • Mass Health
  • Private Pay: $175 initial visit and $125 per visit thereafter.

Additional fees apply for services not reimbursed by insurance:

  • Annual Enrollment fee of $300
  • 24/7 Telephone coverage by Nurse Practitioner OnCall
  • Family meetings and case conferences
  • Completion of relevant medical forms and correspondence.

  • We are currently welcoming new patients for Healthy at Home, and soon we will be able to offer online applications to the program.

    In the meantime, do not hesitate to call us at 781-551-8006 for an application or for more information.

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