The History of Schwartz Medical Group

Schwartz Medical Group was founded by its Managing Director, Dr. Melvin J. Schwartz. After graduating from Duke Medical School, he worked as a Resident at Mt Sinai Hospital in New York. It was there that he met a beautiful and brilliant international nursing student from Ireland, Kay, who became his wife.

Melvin and Kay completed their educational requirements and ended up in Massachusetts some years later when Melvin was invited to participate in the research of the now famous Framingham Heart Study. Eventually, they begin to settle in this area and started a medical practice together. It was also when they put down roots in the community by starting a family.

The first location of the practice was in Dedham, on Bridge Street. It was here that patients first learned of the unique practice where this husband and wife made a terrific team of Doctor and Nurse. It is to their credit that the young couples and their families who started out in this original practice are still patients that are now great grandparents who have continued this relationship for their children and grandchildren.

Melvin and Kay nurtured the Practice and its patients and they moved their location to nearby Westwood. With a growing family of four boys, they needed to hire some extra hands, and with that came the hiring of two long time employees: Esther Combie, responsible for the administrative duties; and a young Medical Assistant, Marleen Ciroli, who was there to relieve Kay so that she could also attend to her duties as a mother.

Melvin was always the innovator and with the help of his new Medical Assistant, developed an in house laboratory which at the time, was rare to find in a doctors office. It was at this time that he also developed a Nursing Home Practice, in addition to the office Practice. Melvin also learned that he enjoyed helping the underprivileged and devoted a lot of his time to helping them with their health care needs. When they outgrew the Westwood location, they moved to nearby Needham. Their patients followed them to each location and sons and daughter of patients were following their parents to the extraordinary care of Melvin J. Schwartz, M.D. and his Wife, Kay, who was not only working as a Registered Nurse, but office manager and mother.

As the Schwartz’s family grew, they brought the office closer to home on Centre Street in Newton. After twelve years of absence, their original Medical Assistant, Marleen returned from living in Los Angeles, now highly experienced and a mother herself and returned to her role with the Schwartz’s. As the office practice continued its growth, so did the nursing home practice. Melvin needed more help and began hiring nurse practitioners to help him in the nursing homes. It was at this juncture that he saw the need to reduce the anxiety of nursing home patients when they needed outpatient testing. He developed his Early Diagnosis and Treatment Program and began to present the idea to the nursing homes. He created a team of technicians that would go to the nursing homes and perform EKGS, spirometry, and ultrasounds TO the patient AT the bedside. This reduced the anxiety of the patient by eliminating an ambulance ride to the hospital and hours of sitting around hospitals while they shuffle through strange facilities.

The practice once again moved to Norwood and with it, its loyal patients followed. His wife Kay, eventually retired and his loyal Medical Assistant who had learned the ins and outs of this particular medical practice took over as the Practice Administrator, overseeing the staff, which had grown to 17, including 3 doctors, 7 nurse practitioners and physician assistants, 4 medical assistants and several varied technicians. The practice grew to great new heights under the direction of Melvin. A group practice was additionally formed since the nursing home practice reached from as far north as Lawrence and as south to Taunton.

Ever the entrepreneur, Melvin, along with his team of business advisors formed Schwartz Medical Group, an LLC formed for the several new businesses that were beginning to foster. Nurse Practitoner OnCall was introduced in 2007 as a telephonic medical triage for medical practices, clinics and hospitals. Its purpose is to provide professional and reliable coverage while doctors enjoy their time off on vacation or just at home with their families. To this date, clients include large hospital call groups, major college health centers and private doctor practices.

Melvin’s latest endeavor and long anticipated wish was to provide Primary Care to mobility challenged patients in their HOME environment. The Healthy at Home program was launched in the fall of 2011 and has been warmly received by all community resources as well as assisted living residents and families. It continues to grow each day and plans to expand it geographical areas in the near future.

Schwartz Medical Group, LLC recently acquired the property where the practice resides on 99 Access Road in Norwood.

We are proud to continue serving patients in the south shore area as we have for over 25 years.

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